PhD Study

IABG is approved as external training organization for the PhD study in the scientific field 4.2.10 Animal physiology, 4.1.22 Biochemistry, 4.2.4 Genetics, 4.2.7 Microbiology and 4.1.12 Biophysics.

Doctoral studies are organized under the auspices of Comenius University, Faculty of Sciences and Slovak Technical University, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Detailed information and current study possibilities are on faculty web pages. Deadline for application is 31.5.2022.

Current PhD topics available at IABG:


Faculty of Sciences CU – Animal Physiology

The effect of dopamine and neurogenesis on behavior studied using optogenetic manipulation

(Supervisor Mgr. Ľubica Niederová, PhD.)

Identification of molecules important for fertilization-related processes in mammals 

(Supervisor Ing. Jana Jankovičová, PhD.)


Faculty of Sciences CU – Genetics

Squalene production in non-conventional yeasts by metabolic engineering methods

(Supervisor Mgr. Roman Holič, PhD.)

Lipid droplets, protective organelles in eukaryotic cells.

(Supervisor Mgr. Martin Valachovič, PhD.)


Faculty of Sciences CU – Biochemistry

Characterization of the new molecular mechanisms underlying the repression of gene expression in yeast

(Supervisor Mgr. Silvia Bágeľová-Poláková, PhD.)

The role of phosphatidylglycerol in the regulation of mitochondrial function

(Supervisor Mgr. Mária Balážová, PhD.)

Role of lipid transfer proteins in the physiology of a eukaryotic cell

(Supervisor RNDr. Peter Griač, CSc.)

Sterol metabolism under stress conditions

(Supervisor Mgr. Martin Valachovič, PhD.)