Dept. of Biochemistry of Biomembranes

Department consists of three laboratories: Laboratory of Membrane Biogenesis, Laboratory of Cell Cycle and Laboratory of Biosensors.

Laboratory of Membrane Biogenesis

CL-deficient mutants exhibit flat sheets
The main interest of the laboratory is to study processes by which eukaryotic cells regulate lipid composition of their membranes. We are aimed to understand the mechanisms of action of anti-sterol antimycotics and especially the mechanisms of resistance towards these drugs. In the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe as model eukaryotic organisms we study how defects in lipid metabolism lead to disturbance of cellular functions involved in development of serious human diseases. Important part of our research is oriented towards production of valuable lipid compounds in yeast.

Laboratory of Cell Cycle

The Laboratory of Cell Cycle focuses on the study of chromosomal segregation during meiosis using the yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe as a model eukaryotic organism. We are particularly interested in proteins involved in homologous recombination and karyogamy. By studying these proteins we seek to discover how their dysfunction can lead to various diseases such as Down Syndrom or cancer in humans. More information about Laboratory of cell cycle.


Laboratory of Biosensors

Development of novel biosensors as a tool for early detection of cancer is in the focus of our research. We use DNA aptamers, unique detection elements that bind the target molecules with high affinity and selectivity. Use of golden nanoparticles attached to the aptamers multiplies the signal and enables detection of cancer cells in early stages of the disease. The selectivity of aptamers to surface receptors of cancer cells is tested using acoustic TSM technology and by state-of-the-art single molecule force spectroscopy.


Name / Position E-mail Phone
Bábelová, Lenka RNDr., PhD. 02/ 3229 3820
Bágeľová Poláková, Silvia Mgr., PhD. 02/ 3229 3824
Bakošová, Anetta Mgr., PhD.
researcher 02/32293825
Balážová, Mária Mgr., PhD. 02/ 3229 3823
Garaiová, Martina Mgr., PhD. 02/ 3229 3822
Griač, Peter RNDr., CSc. 02/ 3229 3821
Hapala, Ivan RNDr., CSc. 02/ 3229 3821
Holič, Roman Mgr., PhD.
researcher 02/ 3229 3824
Káňovičová, Paulína Mgr.
PhD student
Kostolanská, Marta
Kubalová, Dominika Mgr. 02/ 3229 3823
Melicherová, Petronela
Nagyová, Katarína
Petrisková, Lívia Mgr.
PhD. student
Pevalová, Zuzana Mgr., PhD. 02/ 3229 3822
Piteľová, Alexandra Mgr.
PhD. student 02/ 3229 3824
Pokorná, Lucia Ing., PhD. 02/ 3229 3825
Stupeňová, Erika Ing.
PhD. student 02/32293825
Šťastný, Dominik , M.Sc.
Tahotná, Dana RNDr., CSc. 02/ 3229 3823
Takáčová, Miroslava Mgr.
PhD. student 02/32293825
Valachovič, Martin Mgr., PhD.
head of department 02/ 3229 3822